Save Our Young, Our Innocent
By Gina Cavallo
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Save Our Young, Our Innocent
By Gina Cavallo

It's through their innocence they're humbled and see
When they look to the heavens and sing praise to thee

If only man would realize it's true
You've shown them through humans yes I've seen that too

You've opened my eyes you've made me see
I wholeheartedly believe I believe in thee

For mine is an innocence like that of a child
You've shown it to me through the call of your wild

I'll do my best to save your young
I'll show them the way, the way it should be done

For mine is a job one through my pen
and a message of freedom I'll help cause it to send

To kill is so wrong,
how can it make anyone feel strong

Like the deaths of so many a child
people find senseless, so is that of the wild

For they walk in God's light they do as He says
They may not be able to talk, but just watch their heads

When they sing or feel His presence
They look straight up toward his heavens

He is their guide trust and see
He's sending human messengers, just like me

As they trust, and you kill
You anger your God and blood He will spill

It will not be theirs or mine
It belongs to those that are wicked, unkind

So while you can follow the Lord
He sent me to tell, to tell of His sword

He'll give you a chance, a chance to change
If you do not, you'll find yourself on the range

So the time you have a desire to kill
Remember the choice was yours of free will

The innocence you destroy will live in His light
And come back and help Him win this plight

It's not too late to join this fight
You can turn around and do what's right

I know this is true, I know it through pain
For the other side has shown me no gain

I've lost so much, but have so much to win
Back to my innocence without any sin

He bares us all pure through evil gets in
Of this you can be sure it's no way to win

He shows you through the innocence of His wild
Like that of the innocent, the innocent child

They bare no weapons, just instinct for protection
Why choose to hurt them, it will cause the Lord's rejection

For as it's been written, as it's been said
The commandments are to be heeded just as they're read


To all of us the have lost ones we love
Can we reach toward our Lord above?

To help others see the way to be,
Is like us, just like He

For if we forgive and help to teach
Others may find a new way to reach

It's not through evil, nothing to gain
Nothing nothing except for pain

So come join us to save His young
The innocent, the kind, the meek, the fun

Come just look at them and see
All of the pleasure they can bring to thee

The amusement they give us is through laughter and fun
Not by killing for sport with a gun

The fulfillment they give us is through love and joy
Not by killing a girl or a boy

If that were the way it were intended to be
It would cause no pain for people like me

So if there's no laughter or joy to be found
There must be another way you all could go round

Attain your money for life's daily bread
By being considerate, by using your head

It's all in His book, there to be read
Not by killing, try love instead



The poem you just read was written in under ten minutes while listening to a song called “Let’s Go” on the CD called Jazz Wolf by NorthSound Productions. The only time my pen lifted from the page was to hit replay when it was over and by the time it was over again the piece you just read was born.

Some weeks later I was traveling from San Diego to Florida when I was singled out in LAX airport by a group of Buddhists that handed me a bunch of vegan/vegetarian material and told me that God was going to use me to save animals from torture. I had the original tear stained handwritten poem with me. I was in shock to say the least.  Need I say that this poem is a prophetic warning from God for all humans! For those who are vegetarian/vegan and not in belief that God exists may this serve you well, and for those who dare to call themselves Christians that close their eyes and turn a deaf ear to the screams of the tortured, consider yourselves warned.

Revelations 11:18 
18 The nations were angry, and Your wrath has come,
And the time of the dead, that they should be judged,
And that You should reward Your servants the prophets and the saints,
And those who fear Your name, small and great,
And should destroy those who destroy the earth.

May God have mercy on you all. 

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