Lance LandallSimply Love Them
Poetry by Lance Landall
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Simply Love Them
Poetry by Lance Landall

Could it be you disagree, with another’s point of view, Could it be that their beliefs, do not gel with what is true? Are they liberal, or legalistic, pursuing what doesn’t pay, Do you think they’re in a cult, that’s leading them astray?

Well, the best thing you can do, is what Christ Himself would do, That is, just simply love them, as they’re His children too. Yes, just love them with a love like the love Christ shows to you, Yes, love them, love them, love them, always let Christ’s love show through.

You see, it’s one thing to be right, regarding a belief or view, But if our response is wrong, the moral high ground we just blew. Despite wrong some may believe, or the wrong that some might do, We’re clearly told to love them, and a Christ-like way pursue.

Often, some folk who’re right, show less love than some who’re wrong, Just like some considered weak, show more strength than some who’re strong. Sadly, spiritual pride accompanies some who’re right, Displayed by a lack of love, and fixation with black and white.

By all means, uphold what’s right, but make sure love comes first, For this is a prescription that Christ doesn’t want reversed. Only love should motivate, everything we say and do, And a Christ-like humbleness, that respects another’s view.

Those outside the Christian fold, Christ loves as much as those within, And He knows it’s not doctrine, that their hearts and minds will win. Thus, He’s set an example, that each Christian should repeat, Achieved, by following footprints, left by our Saviour’s feet.

When you’re dealing with another with whom you disagree, Remember Christ’s example, and why He died on Calvary. And treat that very person just like Christ Himself would do, For that’s just how you’d want them to also respond to you.

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