Andrew PellSonnet to the Beautiful Whales
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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Sonnet to the Beautiful Whales
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

Sonnet to the Beautiful Whales

Dear friends I have a very sad tale to tell.
Unfortunately it doesnít end very well.
On Sunday Japan sent its slaughter ship to kill the humpback whale.
If you thought about it to much you would turn very pale.
They sail under the guise of science.
But science it is not, greed is the real menace.
One of Godís most beautiful creatures is destined to die.
It really makes me want to cry.
Why doesnít the USA or UN take affirmative action?
The world should impose harsh penalties and a UN backed sanction.
These wonderful mammals are headed for extinction.
Believe me, this is not some sort of erroneous fiction.
The guilty nations must abandon their lust for torture and cruelty.
When that will happen we can only but wait and see.

© Andrew Pell 20/11/07

Sonnet to the Beautiful Whales

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