Soul Alert - "The Vision"
Poetry By Anthony James


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Soul Alert - "The Vision"
Poetry By Anthony James

I had so many plans to be
so many things, for me
grand ideas, really something to see

there I was, every day
like an artist painting
a masterpiece of this great thing

from me to me for me.

an artists rendition of
of a Soul's perdition-
I saw it in the vision, a dream
can you imagine what this means?

Tricky things
those Deadly Sins..
There is a limit
There will be The Vision
we can see such things,
in our dreams.

My Soul In Hell?
On Fire? Struggling To Breathe
The Breath Of Life?

Is it too late for me?
Can I Pray For Mercy?
"Forgive Me" I beg of Thee!
The weepers plea shall be.

I have the answer,
for I have asked this question.
But I have to mention,
the answer is not in words but actions.

To be Saved becomes the new selfish mission.

Only righteous actions, choices and decisions
can save the self, everyday after,
the Vision.