Andrew PellThe Time Lord (The Real One)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Time Lord (The Real One)
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

We all remember the BBC series called “Dr Who”
Dr Who was a Time Lord that could go back and forth in time.
The tardis was a blue English telephone Box.
It was multidimensional inside.
However there is a real Time Lord.
God can view the past and future in a microsecond of time.
God is always there keeping a watchful eye on his creation.
God does not need a Tardis to go back and forth.
Dr Who was a fun character on the BBC television.
But God had a beautiful plan and vision for all creation.
Once creation was finished God was happy and rested.
Then Sin entered this beautiful paradise.
God then cleansed the Earth and brought beauty in a rebirth.
God can go back and Forth in time in an instant.
A thousand years is but a day to the Lord.
In the BBC series Dr Who had many incarnations.
God is timeless, eternal and everlasting.
God is greater and more loving than any Fictitious Time Lord.
God is loving, caring and the only and real Time Lord.

© Andrew Pell 14/12/2020

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