Andrew PellThe Candle Is Lit
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Candle Is Lit
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

the candle is lit

Because of the Resurrection, the Paschal candle is now lit.
It will light our path as God sees fit.
No longer will we need to stumble in darkness.
All creation is eternally blest.
The candle flame is burning bright.
Millions of Pilgrims now walk in the light.
Christ the Alpha and Omega carries the candle.
God chose Christ to be his holy mantle.
The King of Kings illuminated the way.
Christ is the light of endless day.
Christ is the sun that caresses our cheeks.
It is the gift of God for those who seek.
Rejoice greatly for the light is near.
Walk in the light without hesitation or fear.
The light will lead those who stay the course.
Walk in the light without any remorse.
The candle is lit will you carry the torch?
Or will you let stand idly on the porch?

Andrew Pell 24/04/11 (Easter Sunday)

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