J. R. Hyland THE DOUBLE STANDARD AS APPLIED TO MEN: Poetry By J. R. Hyland - A Spiritual And Inspirational Poem from All-Creatures.org

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Yesterday, men thought the world
Was square, or flat, or traveled
On, the backs of turtles pulling
It, across the seas, from dawn to dawn.

They saw it as the center of
Attendant stars, revolving sun;
And man, full - blown, had somehow grown
Antecedently to none.

But now more men can understand
The pattern of the universe;
That galaxies of worlds beyond
Our own, evolve in time and space.

And doctors, to prolong manís life,
No longer bleed him to his death,
Now scoff at warnings that they can
Carry death in unclean hands.
And though some cultures still uphold
What other men no longer do,
Scientists are not held back
Nor judged by what they used to be.


Yesterday, men thought that they
Would die to life and travel to
A place where every need was met
And each desire catered to.

Some saw this paradise as Godís
City of Eternal Joy . . .
Where tears and fears are wiped away
And joyful blessedness holds sway.

Some saw themselves forever in
Elysian fields, all bathed in gold
Of sunlight, flower, hills and stream;
Their ultimate celestial dream.
Today more men can understand
The far - off kingdom lies within;
That man evolves and slowly grows
Until his spirit enters in.

But even those who grow beyond
The childishness of ancient creeds;
Are stigmatized and judged by what
The undeveloped man believes.

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