deaton_marla-180The Easy Life
Poetry by Marla Deaton
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The Easy Life
Poetry by Marla Deaton

There was a careless man named Eaker, Who was caught doing something he shouldn’t do. For this he was sent straight to jail, Then put on a ship that was set to sail.

“It was headed to America,” Said the other prisoners in the same boat. “A place where everyone was free.” So he sat and he wondered, there in the midst of the sea.

Could this freedom be something he could have? Though he’d never had it before. For he had been tied to an uncaring wife, Just trying to get through an uneventful life.

He left all his baggage on the island shore. Bringing with him his name and nothing more. Could he make a brand new start, And realize those dreams buried deep in his heart?

But things weren’t as easy as he thought they’d be, When he reached the brand new land. Choices so hard, he couldn’t quite make, And too many risks, he was afraid to take.

But he went to church and tried to be good, And followed the laws, at least the ones he could. He spoke well of God, religiously, But said, “Please, don’t take it too seriously.”

He had a few children, with his new wife. He tried to give them an easy life. And all those that would come from the Eaker clan, Learned the ways of this simple man.

Such as “heaven is just…the icing on the cake! To seek more from life is a big mistake! Just keep your feet on the ground and don’t aim too high, Try to be ‘normal’ and don’t ask why!”

Yes, Eaker was friendly and so easygoing. And if you asked him he’d say he was all knowing. Except, he cringed with his wife’s loud shriek. And turns out inside, he was really quite meek.

He could hold down a job, he wasn’t lazy. But to follow your passion, he’d say, “that’s crazy.” He never was one to put up a fight. He just didn’t have the heart to make things right.

But when he got old, he looked ‘round to see… “Is there anyone alive, who cares about me? I’ve worked so hard and I’ve been so good… Why haven’t things turned out like they should?”

“Maybe I should…turn over a new leaf. But now, I’m so old, I just want some relief.” And so went the line, of the Eaker clan, That followed the ways of this simple man.

Then the root of the family tree, Eventually came pointing right at me. Though the name changed, as names often do, It seems I, myself…am a Eaker too!

You see the name now stood for just getting by, Doing what’s easy and not asking why. Although I was given my own destiny to fulfill, At times, their ways are with me still.

Sometimes when I’m just trying to get by, I look deep inside and wonder why… I’m not being who I’m suppose to be, And feel that Eaker blood that runs thru me.

I took a great stand, to pursue my own life. Endured their anger, backbiting and strife. For I dared to pursue a higher call, That didn’t seem easy or normal at all.

And when I miss the trappings of a normal life, Being a good daughter, being a good wife. A house on a hill, two cars in the drive, And all that life says you need to survive.

I’m reminded of what seemed easy to the Eaker man, Wasn’t easy at all. It was the wrong plan. And that I have my own destiny to fulfill, That doesn’t involve that house on the hill.

Copyright © 2009 Marla Deaton

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