Lance LandallThe Flower
Poetry by Lance Landall
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The Flower
Poetry by Lance Landall

Itís a beautiful flower, a belle in a flowerbed, Itís cradled in pink petals, has a fetching lilac head. It brightens up the garden, cheers the hearts of passersby, Who stop to view its beauty, and its type identify.

It stands amidst the others, that adorn the garden too, The Queen of all the flowers, that were planted and soon grew. It surveys the scenery with dignity and style, Yes, itís truly a lady, one thatíll have you pause awhile.

It relishes the sunshine, itís seen waltzing to the breeze, It jostles with the raindrops, and naively makes folk sneeze. It brings joy to observers, it plays host to busy bees, And delights the gardener, who each day this monarch sees.

It is lovingly tendered, and watched over faithfully, Itís a classic, a prizewinner, yes, the judges would agree. Itís the pick of the bunch, itís out on its own, royalty born and bred, But in a vase in a home, this charmer will go instead.

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