Andrew PellThe Kingdom of Heaven is like a Wedding Banquet
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Kingdom of Heaven is like a Wedding Banquet
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

(An antiphonal meditation based on Matthew 22:1–10)

There was a King who gave a wedding Banquet for his son.
A great deal of preparation to create a day Celebration and fun.
The King told his slave to call on all those who were invited.
Those who were invited were careless and very short sighted.

Their excuses were lame and trivial.
They did not want to listen to the Masters call.
The oxen and the fat calves were slaughtered for the Banquet.
The King took no excuses and the celebration was set.

He sent his servants to gather the cripple and poor.
The King said, “At my table there is room for more”.
For those who are willing the door is always open wide.
No one who wanted to come would ever be denied.

The Invitation was freely given to all who had ears to hear.
Those who entered the banquet the King held dear.
Those who were the least worthy were the most worthy.
Those who were blind could now understand and see.

This most gracious invitation is freely given.
This parable reminds us we are all heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven.

© Andrew Pell 03/10/11

The Kingdom og Heaven

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