Andrew PellThe Light of Revelation
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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The Light of Revelation
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

The Light of Revelation comes to all those who seek.
It is for those who walk humbly, loving and are meek.
Yet that meekness is building a strong silent power.
This power grows and develops, blossoms like a flower.
The Light of Revelation illuminates the mind.
Truth and knowledge we will surely find.
The light of Revelation is belief in the Divine.
Now we can see, before we were blind.
It is the awareness that God is there with us.
There is no pomp, no fanfare, and no real fuss.
It purifies moulds and forms like a perfect crystal.
The word is found in Godís sacred epistle.
Let the Light of Revelation change you now.
Ask God to show you how.

© Andrew Pell 28/12/08

The Light of Revelation

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