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There's no way that this Earth was meant to be
the way it is;
No way all this posturing was meant to happen.
There is no way that we can see
in short-sighted fashion,
where to put a plaster on;
or how to bridge the gaps we've made
in true communication.
Trying, always trying, hoping one day to succeed,
frantically using all our strength
to no avail!
Finding out at length
that bringing heaven down to earth will be
a long, lonely trail,
until all nations recognise the key words
have to be:
sincere co-operation!
To capture once again our lost ability
to see that all the peoples of the world
are catered for,
with no-one trying to take the Lion's share!
When everybody makes decisions
for the good of ALL,
we'll build a 'one-world' Nation!

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