The Zoo
By Becky Vail


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The Zoo
By Becky Vail © 1999
Submitted by the Author 15 Dec 1999

What would you do if you visited a zoo and all the animals were talking? What would they say each and every day to the people that traipse right past them?

Would flamingos discuss the weather, as they ruffled their pink feathers, or would they squawk about the growth of the flock and the room that is no longer available?

Would monkeys possibly say "are you having a good day", as they fly back and forth through the pen, or would they scratch their fleas and request more trees or maybe a larger playground to play in?

Would the lions yawn and lie on the lawn making comments on the exquisitely delicious breakfast, or would they growl and give a large scowl because they truly miss their hunting?

Would an elephant sneeze and say "Bless me, please" as she strolled along the concrete floor, or would she pick up her trunk and silently duck out the back door?

Would the polar bear prance and ask folks to dance as he splashed about in a green pool, or would he sit and continuously throw fits about heat and the algae that grows on the floor?

Would the crocodiles smile and laugh for awhile about the fun they had at a party, or would they ponder their luck concerning the muck that’s caked onto the sides of their bodies?

Would the giraffes joke and quietly poke fun at the children that harass them, or would their tempers flare if they dared to tell you exactly what they were thinking?

Wouldn’t it be fun to sit in the sun and listen to what they are saying. Would you be surprised if you could look in their eyes to see what they are contemplating?

Next time you do visit the zoo take a guess at what each is stating. When it’s plain to see you won’t want to be the person they are silently hating.