This God, the Ground of Being...
Poetry by Peter Menkin

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This God, the Ground of Being...
Poetry by Peter Menkin

When reading the prayer of a man long gone,
from a book,
one joins across many years the imagination
and dreams many hopes of a man
and entreats God, the Christ,
in the same way and words
so they become ones own.
This is a short experience to be remembered.

Some people want to be with Christ, his spirit,
all the day and long through the day,
which lasts for such a while
they speak to the Lord and offer their inner most
thoughts, small details.
We can be so intimate with this God,
who cares about human beings.

Merciful and faithful is this God, the Triune
everlasting wonderous, generous one of unknown being,
yet ground of being, that is the essence of ourselves
and the basic thing us within.
A reality that is the great reality. Tell of Him,
this source and maker of the world and all that is in it.
Reflection of Him, this God, Son, Holy Spirit.

Does this story remind you, reader, of the possibilities
you have tasted, that you know and
can say is part of the wisdom that is experience?
The joy that comes, we can see.
See what is unseeable.

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