Thy Love Beats On
Poetry By Anthony James


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Thy Love Beats On
Poetry By Anthony James

Oh My Lord,
Thy Divine Clock Beateth On!
I Can Feel Your Love
Through Every Pulse So Strong

So Now I Know
I Still Have Time
To Come Home To My Father
Whose Love Is Divine

I Worry Still As Surely You Know
My Sins Are Still Staining The Soul I Bestow
Until They Fade
My Head Shall Be Low

Still This Love That I Feel
Is All I Can See
The Love Of My God
That He Has For Me

So I Walk And I Pray
Such Loving Things I Shall Say
I Want To Show You My Lord
That I Now Know The Way

I Will Grow With Each Day
Closer To You
And Bring Every Friend
That My Heart Can Woo

Then You Will Know
That My Love Is As True
As The Love You Have For Me
I Too Have For You