Poetry By Anthony James

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Poetry By Anthony James

My poems are the tiles I use to to stand upon
and to walk across the bridge I build-
one at a time, I place them in line
all the time, from now to my last breath
I speak of Jesus, He is the Christ Divine
Do you See yet?

My words design my tiles each time
through abstraction or rhyme-
Jesus is in every line!

My way to show Him I love Him-
I never look up much, I am too low to the ground
I am ashamed of my sinning soul,
that weighs me down.

Regretful, repentful I still shy in sin
I have so many more tiles to lay-
this path I see, a bridge of poems
for Him by me, a simple man who wants to live forever
and still I sin everyday? who am I anyway?
spanning my troubles across this life of mine-
I am heading in my prayers to His Home..

with my big bag of poems.