Andrew PellTo the things you do not believe in stop giving your energy away
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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To the things you do not believe in stop giving your energy away
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

All of us waste time on things that sap our energy away.
We need to refocus on things are uplifting and creative.
Doing things we do not believe in creates a negative force infiltrating our mind and body.
We have to be strong and focus on things that are important and uplifting.
This is a important positive learning curve that we need to observe and believe in.
We are all accused of being cursed by sin.
I would like to think that it is making an error of judgment.
We all make mistakes in this human world.
But God is all forgiving and all loving.
Please reach out to God the Divine source of light and love.
As human beings we can create wonderful things that are beneficial to the human race.
Mankind has launched Satellites to the far reaches of outer space.
But we all need to connect to our spirituality.
This is the ultimate act that can set us free.
This is the Key to every problem that may arise.
It comes to us in many ways and sometimes in disguise.
Pray to our loving Father to help and guide us walking in his light.
There is such a beautiful world for all of us to love and embrace.
Godís light is the Salvation for the human race.
Be at peace and love one another.
Boldly move forth and do not run for cover.
Freedom of thought and false doctrine can smother.
Give your energy that will help create a better world.
Release yourself from the fears of resentment and failure.
We are all capable of wonderful things, it is our destiny.
This is Godís gift to us without condition or fuss.

Let us all share and create all things that are positive.
Then we are at peace and then we can sense God is walking with us.

© Andrew Pell 19/03/2021


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