To: God My Father
Poetry By Anthony James


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To: God My Father
Poetry By Anthony James

My Father,
Oh I am away- sent in Your sadness
My test awaiting-

Decades away, I have learned so much Papa
I Love You and Miss You!
I want to show you my Father that I am good.
I am loveable, and true
but there were other things about me that You already knew
You knew I was fallible, and Your Love infallible
You Created a school for me and all my brothers and sisters
And we are all here, away.
Day after Day- Living in our way- In our Hearts Your Love Lay

See me Father, I am a fighter!
I am fighting for your Love, alone!
I am Your son, my graduation before Your Throne
If I am strong I rise up and go Home!

Father I understand.
Life is real and takes righteous ways-
Hard work, Love and intelligence-
There is a time to joke and play
But this is not to be the only way.
I understand, Father about growing up
and being truly capable of your approval.

Jesus and me have been speaking to eachother-
I talk mostly, Jesus changes my life and I can see it.
My sins are with me- You knew they would be!
I am studying them and myself now- I have made it to this point

Of awareness-

I Love You!

Your son,