Andrew PellWe all have a Vision
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell
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We all have a Vision
Poetry and Music By Andrew Pell

But sometimes we do not act on it, we just think about the vision.
If we acted on the vision immediately we probably would have success.
By not acting on it, there will be feelings of regret and sorrow,
Disappointment eventually will follow
It is too late if you leave it till tomorrow.
With your vision look at it from all angles,
Try to avoid any mental or spiritual tangles.
By bringing the vision to reality please act on it immediately.
The vision in many ways will spiritually and materialistically bring you success.
In your heart and mind there can be no recess.
Look at all the artists, poets, musicians who immediately worked on their craft.
Deal with and plan and prepare your vision now.
If in doubt, please talk to God now for God will show you how.

© Andrew Pell 15/02/2021

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