With All That It Brings
Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

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With All That It Brings
Poetry by Patrick N. Kramer

Life has been good to me.
I am thankful for all I see.
Life is good of this I discern.
I am thankful for all I learn.

Each morning as I awake.
For every breath I take.
Every step I take upon the floor.
I am thankful I have opened the door.

Life is good I say upon every day.
I'm thankful for all that comes my way.
Yes in deed life is good.
Life is precocious it must be understood.

Everyday I listen to the children at play.
The joy of greeting those who come my way.
Their smiles of which I receive.
Are of great joy as I believe.

Yes life brings joy before my sight.
The dew glistening in the morning sun light.
The stars and the moon that shine.
Simple beauties to proclaim as mine.

Life in deed is good I do declare.
A great gift from God for all to share.
One of great beauty held in little things.
Life is worth living with all it brings.

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