Poetry By Anthony James

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Poetry By Anthony James

I see the female, she is a male
she has a womb and skinny arms
still she is a man, a man with a womb
a 'wombman'?

okay let's take out the 'b'
she is a 'b'eautiful man, you see?
It's true she is so soft, her eyes are big
her voice is nice and her shape is so curvy

what a beautiful Creation, that God did paint
A womb-man- to be a male's mate..
together we talk and mesh like spiders
casting webs upon her soul- I will always stand beside her
she cannot get away, unless my love goes astray
together we will create more of each other
is there really any other way.

Well yeah but.. nah. uh uh. This is the best way.

July 20, 2010. © Anthony James , All rights reserved