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Prevent Unwanted Pets
38 Coronation Avenue
BB12 7BT England

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For further information about Animal Welfare Groups and low cost spay/neutering clinics in your area try contacting your local council. The Yellow Pages has lists of help available for animals under "Animal Welfare Societies" (Always remember to check that groups listed are genuine, caring and responsible). You can also contact us at PUP for advice on groups in your area.

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NCDL - National Canine Defence League
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CELIA HAMMOND ANIMAL TRUST 2 clinics in East Londo
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(St Andrew Animal Fund)

3 clinics in Coventry, Birmingham, and Redditch

North Staffordshire Spay/Neuter Trust's Clinic
Stoke on Trent - 01782 331183

Animal Action Rescue Unit


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