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Every week in Britain thousands of healthy cats and dogs are destroyed because they are unwanted and there aren't enough good homes for them. An even higher number of healthy rabbits and other small animals and birds are destroyed

In parts of Canada and California, the number of strays has been halved because of measures taken, including low cost spaying and neutering schemes. In 1990 PUP presented a 12,000 signature petition to councils in Nottinghamshire requesting they provide low cost neutering schemes for dogs and cats belonging to people on a low income.

Of the eight Nottinghamshire Councils, five currently run such schemes for dogs; Ashfield, Broxtowe, Gedling, Mansfield and Rushcliffe (Broxtowe and Rushcliffe also help with cats; the City Council did run a scheme from 1990 until March 2003).  PUP helps with publicity (spending approximately 80 per month on the cost of adverts in local newspapers, etc) and with low cost spaying nad neutering in those areas where there is no help (vets prices vary on all these schemes).

We would like very much to expand to help in areas further afield outside the Nottinghamshire area.

The cost of spaying a bitch for example through private treatment is 70 to 150, so there is a desperate need for charities like PUP.

Owners are asked to pay an amount based upon their circumstances (usually between 20 - 30) but less if people are unable to afford this. PUP then pays the balance of the vets bill. Several vets give a discount to PUP, charging a total of 55 to 70 to have a bitch spayed and around 47 to have a male dog neutered. We ask owners to send us photocopies of documentation of the Benefits they receive.  There are several low-cost spaying and neutering clinics in Britain, who employ their own vets. These clinics help animals whether their owners are on a low income or not.

PUP is always grateful for any donations so that we can continue to reduce the number of animals who suffer unnecessarily.

If you would like to make a donation please send a cheque made payable to 'Prevent Unwanted Pets' and send it to:
Prevent Unwanted Pets
38 Coronation Avenue
BB12 7BT England


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