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Low cost spaying and neutering schemes have been proven to be the main answer for reducing the number of stray or unwanted animals that are destroyed, or in homes where they are cruelly treated. There are approximately 4,000 healthy unwanted dogs and cats destroyed in Britain each week. Vast numbers of animals suffer the same fate in other countries.

The following are ways in which you could help:


Help an Animal Welfare Charity that has a low cost spaying and neutering scheme by fund raising, providing transport, donations, etc. If you would like to help PUP please send a cheque made payable to "Prevent Unwanted Pets" to the address on our contacts page.

Please note that although many animal charities and organisations are honest and caring, some are not, so we advise that you always check that a charity is genuinely helping the animals before making any type of donation.


If you live in an area where there is little or no help available, could you start your own scheme? This site provides you with some guidelines on starting a scheme. (Click guidelines page) To find out whether there are any low cost spaying and neutering schemes in your area contact your local Animal Welfare groups, vets, or local councils, who should be able to advise you.


Have a petition to your local councils requesting they consider starting low cost spaying and neutering schemes for dogs and cats belonging to people on low incomes. Provide the council with details of some of the successful schemes, some of which are highlighted on this web site under the Other Schemes section.


The following are some of the figures from the RSPCA's annual review of 2000.

As we have already highlighted this number could be reduced through low cost spaying and neutering.


The total homes found for dogs was 26,460.

The total homes found for cats was 44,996

The total homes found for miscellaneous (small animals/birds/horse's/etc..) was 24,947

The total homes found was 96, 403


Dogs: 10,123

Cats: 18,961

Misc: 59,854

Total: 88,938

PLEASE NOTE: Many other animals are homed or destroyed by other organisations apart from the RSPCA.


Your inquiry and comments are welcome:

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