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This Quotations Archive contains words from famous and some not so famous people who have expressed a sense of love, compassion, and respect for all of God's creation: for people, for animals, and for the environment. They speak of our teaching methods and philosophy. They speak of a lifestyle of non-violence. They seek to eliminate cruelty and suffering. They seek to wake us up. They seek to give us hope.

Weeds by Mary T. Hoffman

Paul and Linda McCartney
British musicians and animal activists
Paul McCartney, one of the original Beatles, married Linda McCartney 1969
Linda (1941-1998)
Paul (1942 -)

“We stopped eating meat many years ago. During the course of a Sunday lunch we happened to look out of the kitchen window at our young lambs playing happily in the fields. Glancing down at our plates, we suddenly realized that we were eating the leg of an animal who had until recently been playing in a field herself. We looked at each other and said, ‘Wait a minute, we love these sheep – they're such gentle creatures. So why are we eating them?’ It was the last time we ever did.”

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian. We feel better about ourselves and better about the amimals, knowing we're not contributing to their pain.”

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