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Articles and Reports

Letter to Capralogics, Inc

1081-B St. Rt. 28 PMB 280
Milford, Ohio 45150


Stanley D.T. White 
Capralogics Inc.
PO Box 356
Hardwick, MA 01037

Mr. White,

I am contacting you today in reference to your statements in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette of today’s date, from which I quote:

“we have a reputation and a financial interest that depends 100 percent on having healthy, happy, stress-free animals,”


“We are not a vivisectionist facility, quite simply, because no surgery is performed here. The animals are inoculated with proteins to produce antibodies and we subsequently draw blood. It would be akin to giving someone a flu shot and then coming back and drawing a blood specimen to see that antibodies had been produced.”

These statements clearly have the intent of persuading the public that everything is fine at your facility and that somehow a mistake was made. Apparently, you want the public to believe that all of the animals confined at your facility are happy, healthy, and care-free.

However, as you know, this is not the case. The government recognizes your company as a laboratory – Capralogics is registered with the USDA as a research laboratory, #14-R-0156 – so you do perform vivisection.

Since your business is to sell antibodies to other laboratories, your animals must be in a situation which causes them to produce antibodies. The only way in which an organism can produce antibodies is to be sick, or to be reacting to a foreign body. The very nature of your business requires that you make animals sick in some way.

Therefore, saying that all of the animals at your facility are healthy is by definition dishonest. The production of antibodies, specifically, requires that an animal have substantial lesions. Typically animals that chronically have large lesions would not be considered to be healthy and happy.

The photos released by those who rescued rabbits from your facility clearly depict open lesions on the ears of rabbits, potentially a very painful situation. However, your 2005 report to the USDA lists 322 rabbits, 5 sheep, and 69 goats as feeling no pain due to the use of anesthetics or analgesics. It is highly unlikely that rabbits, goats or any other species could go through this process without experiencing any discomfort of any kind – unless your policy is to keep them totally anesthetized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, the photos depicted animals whose eyes were open and in restraint devices. Restraint devices would not be necessary if the animals were anesthetized and unconscious.

Also, as you should know, it is possible to produce antibodies in vitro, without the use of any animals whatsoever.1

Therefore, your use of animals in this process is totally unnecessary.

Since, as you say in the Telegram story you “have nothing to hide,” I would like to take you up on your statement. If you are to dispel concerns about your facility, then I believe that it is an absolute necessity that you provide access to your facility. The ability to examine all animals and practices at your laboratory would erase doubts in the minds of all concerned.

Included in this inspection it will be necessary to have the opportunity to assess the health of the rabbits, goats, and sheep in your facility, examine the painkillers used during the process of removing antibodies from the animals’ lesions, and to observe this process first hand. I would also like to examine all health care records for the animals at your facility. Since I am educated in the care of animals in laboratories and experimental procedures, I am certain that this process can be accomplished without compromising your operation in any way. I also feel that it would serve the public interest if media outlets, such as the Telegram & Gazette were taken on this tour with me to give them the opportunity to photograph your operations.

If you truly have nothing to hide, then this tour should be no problem whatsoever. I will expect a reply by the close of business today, 9/22/06. I can be reached at 513-575-517 or by email at [email protected].


Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T.,
Executive Director, SAEN

1. Falkenberg, F. W., Hengelage, T., Krane, M., Bartels, I., Albrecht, A., Holtmeier, N., and M. Wuthrich (1993). A simple and inexpensive high density dialysis tubing cell culture system for the in vitro production of monoclonal antibodies in high concentrations. Journal of Immunological Methods 165:193-206.

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