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Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
S. A. E. N.
"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"

Articles and Reports

Join the campaign to end the abuse of nonhuman primates in University of California lab

The University of California system imprisons over 7800 primates, primarily at laboratories connected to branches in Davis, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Many of these primates (rhesus monkeys, vervets, etc.) are used in highly invasive and painful experiments involving procedures like restraint chair use, water deprivation, infectious diseases, and bolting of devices to the skull. (see: UCLA, UC San Francisco, UC Berkeley and UC Davis)

These experiments have been called: “unethical,” “distressful” and causing “great pain and suffering” by veterinary and scientific experts across the U.S.

We estimate that UCLA, UCSF, and UC Davis collectively receive over ½ Billion dollars in federal funding for animal experimentation per year (see funding stats).

Officials of the University of California branches have consistently refused to meet with activists to discuss these issues. Through legislation (AB 2296) the University of California has sought to eliminate access to public records related to animal experimentation and to make certain kinds of protests illegal.

"Experts in veterinary medicine, primatology, ethology, bioethics and animal behavior have evaluated the procedures used in many animal experiments. These procedures include depriving animals (such as non-human primates) of water for extended periods of time, confining them to restraint chairs, and attaching restraining bars and recording cylinders to the skulls of these same animals with steel screws. These experts have unanimously determined that these procedures cause unrelieved pain and distress in these animals. The projects listed below utilize at least one of these procedures, and many involve all of them.

It is clear that these experiments subject animals to severe pain and distress. These procedures are used within University of California laboratories in Berkeley, San Francisco, Davis and Los Angeles."

SAEN has now contacted the University of California Board of Regents with a letter requesting a meeting to discuss these points:

1. Elimination of the use of food and/or water deprivation in non-human primates for any reason but pre-surgical fasting. Depriving non-human primates of sustenance for extended periods as is currently practiced by university of California laboratories is inhumane, unethical, and has been declared causative of pain and distress by scientific experts.

2. Elimination of the surgical attachment of devices such as restraining bars and recording cylinders to the skulls of non-human primates. These devices have also been declared by experts to cause pain and or distress in primates.

3. Elimination of The use of primate restraint chairs in projects involving non-human primates. These devices severely restrict the movement of primates and have been declared by experts to cause substantial distress.

4. Establishment of a fully funded retirement program for all primates that are not currently utilized in ongoing research projects.

We have also requested inspection tours of all UC labs that use animals in experimentation.

Please write to the Regents to add your voice to ours.

We have announced this campaign to the news media in a press release

Further information about the individual labs that constitute the University of California system.

SAEN Campaign Contacts for California

Sacramento/Davis: Linda - [email protected] 

Los Angeles: Julia - [email protected] 

San Francisco: Douglass - [email protected] 

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