SAEN exposes Abuse of Dogs and Cats inside 5 U.S. Labs -- USDA allows labs to literally get away with murder

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U.S. families have adopted over 170 million dogs and cats as companions. However, most of us don’t realize what happens to these very same animals when they enter the laboratories of many colleges and universities. We want to believe that they are treated humanely and protected from unnecessary pain. Nothing could be further from the truth -- despite what the labs spew.

According to a USDA report from January of 2009, a kitten was found dead inside Colorado State University (CSU) labs with his/her “neck and head caught in a worn towel.” This kitten was essentially hung due to the negligence of CSU staff. Colorado State University was cited for an improper and unsafe enclosure in this incident. The same USDA report also cited CSU for an episode during which a dog escaped from the lab overnight.

A November of 2008 USDA inspection cited Joliet Junior College (IL) for allowing a cat to bleed to death due to improper observation following a routine surgical procedure.

A USDA report dated April of 2009 cites Globe University (MN) in the negligent death of a dog who was hit by a car. The dog escaped and ran into traffic as Globe staff attempted to collect a urine sample.

On July 28, 2009, the USDA cited Virginia Tech University staff for inadequately monitoring dogs after experimental procedures which caused chronic diseases killed two dogs and put a third near death.

In a July of 2009, the USDA cited Auburn University (AL) after three kittens died from being exposed to “extreme temperatures” and “high concentrations of a bleach solution.” Additional citations were also levied for improper use of anesthesia involving cats. During this inspection, Auburn was charged with unqualified personnel, inadequate veterinary care, and improper feeding.

These incidents are only the tip of the iceberg regarding the suffering which dogs, cats, and many other animals endure inside U.S. laboratories. However, it is equally disturbing that the USDA may have imposed no penalties of any kind against these criminally negligent facilities. As far as we know, none of these labs received any fines or penalties whatsoever despite the seriousness of their crimes. So what is the USDA doing about this? If killing dogs and cats through sheer negligence isn’t sufficient justification for severe penalties, what is?

SAEN will not let these needless deaths be nothing more than “slap on the wrist” citations with unlevied fines. SAEN will not allow the dying screams of these animals to be silenced behind closed lab doors. SAEN will be their voice, shouting for justice by proclaiming their stories beyond the lab doors. News stories are sweeping across thousands of media outlets, reaching millions with the truth. Their deaths will not be in vain!

We call upon you to join us in being a voice for these innocent victims. First, educate yourself with the information packed into associated articles on our website. Then, please contact the Secretary of Agriculture as outlined in the article titled: SAEN calls on Secretary of Agriculture to Take Action.”.

Your donation will help us to continue fighting for the freedom of these animals!

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