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Articles and Reports

Cheri Stevens Statement: California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC)


My name is Cheri and I was an employee at the California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC). My term of employment began in March 2002, and ended in March 2005, when I voluntarily resigned to seek employment in an environment that was non experimental. Many things I witnessed or was directly involved in led me to believe that the business of animal research was not for me.

The CNPRC would like to paint the public a picture of their establishment as a place of business that maintains a constant state of order, a place that makes decisions that are nothing but humane to the animals housed on site. I witnessed a much different place. The CNPRC is in the business of making a profit at the expense and well-being of the primates housed there. I witnessed several animals suffer from behavioral and health issues there were a direct result of the care they were not receiving from staff at the CNPRC. I witnessed many decisions being made based on what would benefit the employees rather than the primates housed at CNPRC. I witnessed many unfair and unjust practices being used on a daily basis. I witnessed staff mishandling and abusing animals as if it was a necessary part of the employee’s day. The CNPRC is understaffed and the primates are not receiving adequate care. Many primates die every year due to malnourishment. They are literally starving to death. It is common practice for the CNPRC to sweep the dirt under the rug.

Most of the concerns that I developed over the years were never addressed. On more than one occasion problems were reported that were not addressed and this lead to more severe issues. This is the case with the seven primates who lost their lives in the ARS building during the ventilation malfunction, as well as with a particular primate affectionately known as “Buzz” (MMU 25616.) who died due to negligence. I am here today to bring my concerns to the public’s attention. Much of the funding the CNPRC receives is through federal tax dollars and I think it is necessary for the public to know what their money is being spent on. I am hoping that by bringing this to the attention of the public changes will begin to take place that will only benefit the primates housed there.

For the lives that they live and the sacrifice they voluntarily make they deserve nothing less than humane living conditions.

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Cheri Stevens Statement: California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC)
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