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Articles and Reports

Official Letter of Complaint to Dr. Robert Gibbens, USDA about SWFBR's Treatment of Primates

Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
1081-B St. Rt. 28 PMB 280
Milford, Ohio 45150
[email protected]


Dr. Robert Gibbens 2/6/08
Director, Western Region
2150 Centre Ave.
Building B, Mailstop 3W11
Fort Collins, CO 80526-8117

Dr. Gibbens,

I am contacting you today regarding the recent abysmal record of non-compliance with the Animal Welfare Act at the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research (SWFBR 74-R-0003). During 2007 this facility accumulated over a dozen violations of the Animal Welfare Act. A United States Department of Agriculture inspection report for 4/3/07 reveals that that this facility was cited for the performance of a necropsy and tissue harvest that went terribly wrong because the baboon was not euthanized before the procedure was begun. The USDA inspector justifiably chastised the SWFBR staff:

“Euthanasia means the humane destruction of an animal accomplished by a method that produces rapid unconsciousness and subsequent death without evidence of pain or distress. The euthanasia of one baboon was not accomplished as described above as it was not dead prior to the start of the necropsy procedure.”

SWFBR is also cited in this inspection for the performance of multiple survival surgeries on a primate without approval from the USDA, another major violation. In fact, the citation on this date is a repeat citation of an infraction that originally occurred on 7/13/06. (See attached inspection reports).
So, it is clear that the staff of the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research connected with the research protocols which involved the necropsy and the repeated survival surgeries have a total disregard for the law, because these violations are both serious and ongoing through several consecutive inspections.

Therefore, due to the severity of the violations and their continual nature I officially request that you immediately begin the process for taking substantial regulatory action against the Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research (74-R-0003) including the issuance of the largest possible fine, which should be $2500 per violation, or for these most serious issues, at least $12,500. I also request that you immediately suspend the research protocols connected to these violations.

I look forward to hearing of the results of your investigation as soon as possible.


Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T.,
Executive Director, SAEN

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