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Articles and Reports

Government Propaganda Misleading the American People Concerning Primate Experimentation
By Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN

V. Financial Statistics

Since the current call for increased funding for the Primate Center System requests another $100,000,000 in federal grants, it makes sense to ascertain the current funding amounts for the primate centers, and the affiliated grants. This should provide us with a snapshot of the funding level received by the facilities that house the primate centers.

Facility Name Center Grant Affiliated Research Total
Tulane 5,731,111 32,674,266 38,405,377
UC Davis 7,505,111 11,841,568 19,346,679
Oregon 8,404,659 48,607,917 57,012,576
Southwest  2,981,030 11,339,030 14,320,060
Washington 10,022,355 103,637,570 113,659,925
Wisconsin 6,470,971 17,057,613 23,528,584
Yerkes (Emory) 6,187,662 19,187,175 25,374,837
Harvard 8,220,317 30,751,509 38,971,826
Totals 55,523,216 275,096,648  330,619,864

These totals are based on information available in the fiscal 2000 progress reports filed by each primate center, and information found on the NIH website.

It must be noted that the Primate Center System is very old. In fact, the grants finding the some of the centers are over 40 years old. We must begin to wonder if these facilities have been worth the very substantial investment that they have already received.

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