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Articles and Reports

The Primate Experimentation Scandal, 2005: An Investigative Report
By Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN

Appendix F

UCSF Primate Health Care Report Information

Primate rq2849 3-12-03 finger laceration (bite wound) with swelling and discharge. By 4-7-03 injury is re-opened with “deep wound” which extends about 50% around the hand. Finger amputated on 4-7-03. Either repeated self-injurious behavior if isolated, or injury from cagemate if group housed.

Primate rq3810 2-6-03 listed as “self-traumatizing multiple sites on arms” 2-17-03 aggressive and making threatening gestures later again noted as being very aggressive and very active.

Primate Rq3703 – after several LDA administrations 6-27-03 craniotomy – “animal had excessive bleeding from dura midline during procedure” develops dyskinesia on right side.

Primate “mini me” F16931 – released from quarantine on 12-23-02. 2-7-03 examined for self-biting behavior. Placed arm in mouth. No treatment given at this time. 4-7-03 under arm and armpit irritation looks like scratching and bruising, more on rt. Hand. 4-9-03 “animal shows clear signs of self-biting injury.”4-15-03 “minor self-inflicted injury to L shoulder area” 4-16-03 “under arm and armpit redness and bruising again” 4-17-03 “newly inflicted self injurious behaviors bilateral armpit area” 4-18-03 “Potential for pair housing. Transferred this animal in a cage across from a self-biter.” 4-21-03 “Health check filled out due to self bite wound under arm – red, swollen, puncture & blood.”4-25-03 put on lorazepam for self-injurious behavior. 4-28-03 changed to Prozac. 4-30-03 “animal has new injury to r lower leg frontal; fresh blood seen.” 5-8-03 “animal brought to procedure area . . . for canine blunting procedure.”8-18-03 “Monkey has one very small self-injury under its right arm.” 8-23-03 “monkey is reported to have some episodes of mock self-biting. It is not actual biting but is placing arm in mouth. This may be a compulsion.” 9-30-3 ketamine for implant surgery. 10-3-03 serous discharge from wound margin (by implant) 12-9-03 ketamine for transport to necropsy room 9-30-03 surgery for implant

Primate mmu31323 Bill rhesus -- surgical procedure 5-11-04 head post /cylinder surgery after procedure “placed in chair” 5-27-04 – surgical procedure “implant repair” returned to chair 6-9-04 surgery: implant repair the primate had removed the sutures.

Primate rq3816 -- found dead in cage on 1-17-03. Died after administration of L-Dopa. Possible stroke.

Primate rq3697 -- on 1-15-03 given fluids due to lack of appetite and decreased urinary output. Noted for decreased appetite for seven days; on 1-23-03 animal found in cage inactive and crouched at 1 am. Dead by 8 am. By the time of death the animal is listed as thin with “Spinous processes and pelvic bones prominent.” This indicates severe debilitation.

Primate f-17034 surgery on 7-31-03. Reported on 8-4-03 for burn from heat support post-op. “Skin lesion on left flank and second one on left upper thigh.” 3 cm by 1.5cm. Possibly self-mutilation.

Primate rq 3719 3-12-03 red irritated area on neck, later on writs also 5-16-03 hair loss – may be pulling hair euthanized 11-5-03

Primate 106-144 typical of primates given MPTP injections. Overall depressed condition, often listed as eating less, losing weight, and becoming unresponsive; “Monkey is sitting crouched in cage (akinetic) responds minimally to stimulation. Will move and lift head. . . . hind feet ulcers/excoriations need to be cleaned . . . wt. loss > 10% “ These animals are clearly severely stressed and suffering yet no column E listings for UCSF. Weight loss occurred in period of 1 month.

Primate 30332 (researcher – Lisberger) -- 2-6-03 surgery to implant 2 recording cylinders and head implant – placed in chair after surgery – 3-11-03 implantation of eye coil – returned to chair consuming 500 ccs of water per day. 7-22-03 ketamine in the chair to touch up the acylic on the implant. Lacerations from wounds inflicted by cagemate on 9-12-03 – 9-15-03 examined in chair 9-18-03 shoulder wound re-opened 9-29-03 examined in chair.

Primate 30562 – (researcher – Lisberger) – cylinder implant 1-9-03 rapid recovery – placed in chair 2-26-03 “Sx site moderate amt of dried blood present. . . . Moderate amount of serous d/d at implant margin overall.” 2-27-03 “Sx site continues . . . small amt of serous d/d at skin margin.” 3/3/03 “swelling at caudal edge of implant site. Implant surgery was last week. Appetite has been reduced since surgery. Water consumption reduced too, even though offered well above normal.” 3-3-03 “Diarrhea seen in the cage.” 3-13-03 “Implant culture results shows some growth.” 3-7-03 “Dura peel . . . . kept in the chair w/his head fixed.” 4-1-03 “Dura peel finished; monkey still sedated; kept in the chair w/head fixed.” Dura peels done again on 4-22; 5-6; 5-19; 5-27; 6-11-03 “lab reports that monkey is performing poorly @ minimal work tasks.” Dura peels again on 6-22; 6-30; 7-6; 7-10; 7-19; 8-5; 8-16; 9-13; 9-28; 10-2; 10-13; 10-13; 10-20; 10-26; 11-2; 11-16; 12-1; 12-7; 12-23-03 monkey in chair for cleaning experienced 30 -45 sec seizure. Dura peels 1-10-04; 1-17-04; 2-3-04; 2-14-04; 2-28-04; 3-13-04; 4-19-04; 5-1-04; 5-15-04; 5-31-04; 6-11-04; 6-14-04; 6-25-04; 7-904; 7-15-04; 7-23-04; 9-10-04; 9-24-04;

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