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Articles and Reports

The Primate Experimentation Scandal, 2003
An Investigative Report
By Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T.,
Executive Director, SAEN

How Many Primates Are in Labs??

In the past all estimates regarding the number of primates in laboratories across the United States have been incomplete. These statistics have been based on data promulgated by the USDA. Previous USDA data has dealt specifically with the number of primates actually used in experimentation. No statistics were kept for the number of primates held in labs for breeding or other purposes. However, these practices changed for the reporting of statistics by the USDA for fiscal 2002.

For the first time statistics are now available which deal with all primates in labs, whether held for breeding, or actually used in experimentation. For fiscal 2002 the USDA reports the use of 52,275 primates in experimentation for the entire U.S. The USDA also reports that U.S. labs held 43,676 primates for breeding or conditioning. This places 95,951 primates within U.S. laboratories. This information may not be totally complete, because since 1985 the USDA has never been successful in obtaining reports from all U.S. labs. But it is reasonable to assume that the majority of primates have been accounted for.

This information (and more detailed data including state by state listings, etc.) is available at: http://www.aphis.usda.gov/ac/ar2002.html

The states which record the largest population of primates within laboratories are:

The 12 States with the Largest Populations of Primates within Laboratories


Primate Population within labs

Major Primate Labs within the State
Louisiana 11,673 Tulane Primate Center & New Iberia Lab
California 8,841 UC Davis Primate Center
Texas 8,307 Southwest Foundation Primate Center
Maryland 7,593 NIH Labs
New Jersey 7,572  
Massachusetts 6,007 New England Primate Center
Georgia  5,227 Yerkes Primate Center
South Carolina 5,092  
Virginia 4,549 LABS of Virginia
Wisconsin 4,543 Wisconsin Primate Center
Washington 4,116 Washington Primate Center
Oregon 3,335 Oregon Primate Center
Total 76,855  

80% of the primates currently held within U.S. labs are located within 12 states, with 52% in the top six. Many of these primates are maintained within just a few labs (listed in the table above). For Example, in Massachusetts, where the total primate population within labs is just over 6000, the New England Primate Center (affiliated with Harvard) accounts for over 2000 of these primates (actual fiscal 2000 total was 2119). Similarly, even though California has approximately 200 labs, the Primate Center at UC Davis accounts for over 5600 (5645 during fiscal 2000). In fact, the labs which comprise the NIH National Primate Center System (UC Davis, University of Washington {Seattle}, University of Wisconsin {Madison}, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research, New England Primate Center {affiliated with Harvard}, Yerkes Primate Center {affiliated with Emory}, Oregon Primate Center {affiliated with the Oregon Health Sciences University} and the Tulane Primate Center account for 26,898 or 28% of the national total.

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The Primate Experimentation Scandal, 2003 - An Investigative Report

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