Free the Animals Conference – Effective Action Against Vivisection
October 27-28 2012
St. Louis MO

Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
S. A. E. N.
"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"
Free the Animals Conference – Effective Action Against Vivisection

Free the Animals Conference - Effective Action Againt Vivisection
October 27 - 28
, 2012

vivisection activism

Holiday Inn Saint Louis-South ( 1-55)
4234 Butler Hill
St. Louis, Missouri 63129
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As of October 24th at 9 PM EST conference registration can only be done on site at the conference by cash or check.  Online registration is no longer available.  See you at the conference!

See SCHEDULE (as of October 12) 


The Free the Animals Conference will empower and energize activists across the U.S. to attack the animal experimentation issue head-on and make concrete changes for the tens of millions of animals who are imprisoned in laboratories. 

Presentations by experts will share their knowledge with activists in:

  • Professional investigative techniques for laboratories and corporations that experiment on animals
  • Professional approaches for spreading the anti-vivisection message through news media
  • Professional methods for effectively packaging our anti-vivisection message for the public
  • Organizing effective protests to target animal laboratories and corporate vivisectors
  • Caring for former laboratory primates in a sanctuary setting

Experienced activists will present thought provoking speeches on:

  • The necessity of non-violence for anti-vivisection activism
  • The scientific fallacies of animal experimentation
  • The International trade in primates for experimentation
  • The use of birds in animal laboratories

Effective Anti-Experimentation campaigners will discuss:

  • The Huntingdon Life Sciences Campaign
  • The Primate Products Campaign
  • Direct Action in anti-experimentation Campaigns

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