Free The Animals - Effective Action Against Vivisection Conference
October 27 - 28, 2012

Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
S. A. E. N.
"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"

Free The Animals -- Effective Action Against Vivisection Conference TENTATIVE Schedule (as of 10/5/12)

Saturday October 27th

8:00 AM   Registration opens

9:00 AM    Welcome & Announcements
Karen Budkie 

9:30 AM    Caring for former lab Primates
Kari Bagnall, Jen Fuerstein, Bob Ingersoll

10:30 AM  Strategic Planning for Effective Campaigning
Camille Hankins

11:30 AM  Spreading the Truth about Animal Research through News Media
Michael Budkie 

12:30 PM  Lunch Break  - on your own

2:00 PM  Direct action against vivisection: animal liberation outside the law, history and strategy
Peter Young  

3:00 PM  Billions of Chickens and Other Birds: The Hidden Victims of Vivisection
Karen Davis

4:00 PM  The International Trade in Primates for laboratories
Dr. Shirley McGreal

5:00 PM  Be the Sound Bite that Roars for Animal Free Research
Brenda Shoss

5:30 PM  Scientific Fallacies of Animal Experimentation
Dr. Steve Kaufman 

6:00 PM  Dinner Break - on your own

8:00 PM  Video - Maximum Tolerated Dose

Sunday October 28th

8:30 AM  The Last Taboo? Media’s Fickle Take On Animal Research
Brenda Shoss

9:00 AM  We Know Where You Sleep at Night: Investigating Animal Abusers
Camille Hankins

10:00 AM  Investigating Animal Labs -- Getting the Dirt on Animal Abusing Criminals
Michael Budkie

11:00 AM  A Case for Nonviolence
Dr. Steve Kaufman

11:30 AM  The Primate Problem -- No Room at the Inn
Kari Bagnall, Jen Fuerstein, Bob Ingersoll

12:00 Lunch break - on your own

1 PM  Building Strategic Alliances for More Successful Campaigns
Camille Hankins, Dr. Shirley McGreal, Michael Budkie

2:00 PM  SAEN Campaigns
Michael Budkie

2:30 PM  The Primate Products Campaign
Gary Serignese

3:00 PM  HLS: The Final Nail – Let’s Finish It
Camille Hankins

3:30 PM  Washington University Campaign
Alex Graff

4:00 PM  The Great Beagle Liberation of 2012: Green Hill
Tino Verducci

4:30 PM  Closing
Michael Budkie

Monday October 29th

10:00 AM Washington University Protest

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