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Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
S. A. E. N.
"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"

Events and Campaigns

National Primate Liberation Week
Local Events
15 - 23 October 2005

International listings at bottom



Alabama Voice for Animals
4029 10th Avenue South
Birmingham, AL 352222
Phone: 205-591-CARE

We will be targeting UAB for NPLW 2005.




The Animal Welfare Association (AWA) at Arizona State University (ASU) will be tabling and leafleting about Covance's recent purchase of land in Chandler, AZ.

Check out www.fight4animals.org



SAEN News Conference

Los Angeles

When: Thursday, October 20th at 12:00 noon.

Where: La Conte and Westwood at the UCLA campus

What: Last Chance for Animals working with SAEN and UCLA student activists will be staging a news conference at UCLA followed by a protest of the UCLA primate research facilities. The time is NOW to send a clear message to abusers of primates that their practices will not be tolerated.

The population of primates in laboratories and dealers is increasing, having reached an all-time high of 120,000. This means that 120,000 individuals will be imprisoned and burnt, crushed, sliced, electrocuted, poisoned with toxic chemicals, and psychologically tormented in the name of scientific curiosity this year. As with all non-human animal experimentation, experimentation on primates has only taught humans that animal research is inherently unethical, inevitably wasteful, and wholly unreliable.

Funding for primate experimentation is at an all time high, with federal spending on primate experimentation at $1.6 billion. This is a complete waste of taxpayer dollars. 93% of experimentation funded by the National Institutes of Health is not even applicable to two of the most common killers of people in the U.S., Heart Disease and Cancer. Primates are subjected experiments time and time again as abusers needlessly repeat their torture. The cumulative total cost of experiments repeated on the two most commonly used primate species is $266 million per year.

Given that the primate population held prisoner by experimenters, and that federal funding of this torture are at all time high levels, a sickening trend can be seen developing. This dangerous trend issues a clear call to action for all who are opposed to unnecessary suffering.

Last Chance for Animals
(310) 271-6096

San Diego

Sana Diego Animal Advocates
[email protected]  

SAEN News Conference

San Francisco

Vigil for Animals
[email protected]

Dear Animal Advocates, Companions, Guardians, Vigilers, Lovers and Liberators:

It's official - there will be 2 demonstrations - as part of National Primate Liberation Week - at UCSF, 513 Parnassus Avenue in San Francisco - on October 20 & 21 (Thursday & Friday), 11:30 AM to 1 PM both days.

Currently UCSF has about two hundred nonhuman primates behind its walls - including rhesus monkeys, marmosets, owl monkeys, and perhaps others (we don't have a full accounting of all species of monkeys currently incarcerated at UCSF). On any given weekday you may see (if UCSF allowed public access to its labs) from 25 to 40 monkeys in various restraint devices, called "primate chairs" by researchers. The experiments that call for restraint of monkeys often involve food or fluid restriction. This type of so-called medical research is most certainly cruel and unethical and thus calls for our protest. As Lawrence A. Hansen, M.D., stated three years ago before the Public Works and Public Protection Committee of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, "I doubt that most San Franciscans would want to watch these monkeys with their electrode-implanted brains and bolted heads performing their eye movements in exchange for water. Most San Franciscans would feel sorry for the monkeys."

There will be other things you can do besides demonstrate in case you can't make it to demo's - like writing letter(s) - more info regarding to whom/what to write will follow in later e-mail.


IMPORTANT PS: Recently it was suggested by Valerie Tulier, w/ state Senator Carole Migden's office, that we should network with other movements/org's. I was thinking, since next week is National Primate Liberation Week (NPLW), we should hook up with activists in the prison reform movement - maybe we could extend NPLW and join others in the next upcoming demo re prisons for human primates. Or maybe we could take action in support of the release of Leonard Peltier, an American Indian, wrongfully incarcerated in federal prison (check out www.leonardpeltier.org/  for too many years. Anybody interested???

San Jose

SAEN News Conference



Uconn Animal Rights

The Columbia speaker, Herbert Terrace, will be here at UCONN on Friday October 14th at 4:00pm at the Bousfield Psychology Building. We will be leafleting before and after the talk.

District of Columbia



AAA of Gainesville, FL
Gainesville, FL 32601  



Primate Liberation Action


Kansas City



Baltimore Animal Rights

For NPLW BARC will do a demo at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, followed by a march to JHU Bayview Medical Center, ending with a demo there. It will be Sunday, October 23. The NIDA demo will begin at 2pm; each demo will be about half an hour long.

NIDA: 5500 Nathan Shock Drive, Baltimore, MD 21224

JHU Bayview: 4940 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

March will be under a mile. I am the contact person for this event. [email protected] 
or 443-756-7344


Boston / Southboro

Boston Animal Defense League
PO BOX 1143
ALLSTON Massachusetts 02134
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.animaldefense.info/boston 

New England Primate Center Harvard Square Protest on October 29 from 2-5pm (tentative time)


St. Louis

Kinship Circle

New York

New York

North Carolina

Chapel Hill

We will be coordinating SAEN events in Chapel Hill.



Protect Our Earths' Treasures

Demonstrations will be held on the campus of The Ohio State University. Location will be Wiseman Hall where primates are housed and used for experimentation.

Monday - October 17 from 8am to 9 am
Tuesday - October 18 from 11am to 1pm
Thursday - October 20 from 4pm to 5pm



SAEN News Conference




Dallas / Fort Worth

Animal Connection of Texas

Mary Steffenhagen and Dr. John Pippin will be co-chairing this event. Both of us are on the Board of Directors for Animal Connection of Texas. The mailing information and phone number provided are Mary's (me). I'll be preparing the event while John will be the spokesperson. We are currently looking for primate laboratories in or around Dallas/Fort Worth.


In Solidarity With Animals

San Antonio

SAEN News Conference


Salt Lake City



SAEN News Conference




Queensland Group for Animal Rights


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