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Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
S. A. E. N.
"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"

Events and Campaigns


The Utah Primate Freedom Project will be targeting the AALAS conference listed below:

The American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS) is the largest formal organization of exclusively animal researchers. Each year they hold a conference to discuss ways to maximize profits, use animals in research, and methods to curtail the animal rights movement. This year their largest sponsor is the notorious Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS). HLS is most famous for being exposed numerous times, often on camera, for abusing animals. One incident included footage of a lab technician punching 4 month old beagle puppies in the face. This is the type of prestige that AALAS welcomes to their conferences.

They decided to hold their 2006 conference in Salt Lake. We intend to demonstrate to them that this was a big mistake. A full week of action is planned against vivisection in response to this conference. The first half of the week will directly target the conference; while the second half will expand to include Utah vivisectors.

We welcome out-of-towners to our event and will do what we can to support your visit. Salt Lake really does have a lot to offer vegans and we hope that many compassionate activists will decide to try and re arrange their schedule to make it for part or all of the week.

The recent convictions of the SHAC7 and passage of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) make it even more important that we be present in large numbers at this conference. We need to let them know we'll continue our fight and we don't give a damn about their repression. The animals deserve better and we know this. Our fight doesn't end until HLS closes and vivisection ceases to be.

PROMO FLYERS: 4 versions, all PDF files:
Quarter-Page flyer
Double-sided 8 1/2 x 11; includes Calendar of Events
Single-sided 8 1/2 x 11; includes tear-off tabs
11 x 17 Large Poster


Sunday, October 15
Meet at The Bridge (511 W. 200 S.) at 6:00 PM
The first day will be a day of charging our batteries and having a night of education. An informal meeting and video showing will take place on the first night. Included in this meeting will be a discussion regarding who AALAS and HLS are, and the future of anti-vivisection campaigning in Utah.

Monday, October 16
1. Salt Palace Convention Center at 8:00 AM
At 8:00 AM, AALAS will be holding a seminar titled "Infiltration by Animal Rights Groups: The Balance between Security and Outreach" in Ballroom F. This panel will discuss ways to prevent their cruelty from being documented by concerned animal activists. They would prefer no one know about the employees at Covance that taunted monkeys or the employees at HLS that punched beagle puppies in the face. We intend to have a presence at this time distributing the fruits of infiltration by animal rights groups (a DVD filled with undercover footage). Show up for your free DVD and to help defend animals.

2. Meet at the The Bridge at 6 PM
Our first night on the town. We'll be visiting the homes of those who support vivisection and HLS. This will be a peaceful protest. The location of the protest will be determined at a later date and announced at The Bridge. Carpooling and driving directions will be available.

Tuesday, October 17
1. Salt Palace Convention Center at 2 PM
The vivisectors will be holding a charming seminar titled "Animal Care Issues for Inhalation Toxicology" at 2:15. We hope to drive home the point that the only way to care about animals is to not force them to inhale toxins. Newsflash: the toxins we're forcing animals to inhale are all manmade; grab some of your own kind to reap what you sow.

2. Marriott Downtown (75 S. West Temple) at 6 PM
Straight from the AALAS program: "Lab Products, Inc. has arranged for a special concert for all National Meeting attendees by American Idol top-ten favorite Jon Peter Lewis. His appearance, headlining other live performances and taking place on Tuesday, October 17, 6:00 to 8:30, at the Marriott Grand Ballroom, is part of what promises to be an evening full of fun and entertainment." Woo-hoo! Although we feel watching an American Idol loser is probably already shameful enough, we hope to further embarrass the animal torturers and maybe ruin their night of...um...entertainment?

Wednesday, October 18
1. Salt Palace Convention Center at 11:00 AM
At 11:00 AM, AALAS will be holding a seminar titled "Animal welfare animal rights, what's the difference?" Not a single representative from the anti-vivisection movement was invited to the conference to represent our side. So we'll have to be there on the streets to help clarify any ambiguities the vivisectors may have.

2. Meet at the The Bridge at 6 PM
Here's one difference between animal welfare and animal rights activists: animal rights activists actually give a damn. We speak out in ways that are often controversial but we do it because we know it gets the job done. Be a part of the solution and not part of the problem (animal welfare) and join us for another round of (peaceful) home protests.

Thursday, October 19
1. Salt Palace Convention Center at 11:00 AM
At 11:00 AM, AALAS will be holding a seminar titled "When activism crosses the line" and an agent from the FBI will be there to give their perspective. What about when vivisection crosses the line? Why is there not a single panel at this conference addressing the blatant cruelties that are so pervasive inside their own labs? Show up for another day of protest and embarrassment for the vivisectors.

2. Meet at the The Bridge at 6 PM
The FBI and the vivisectors may think this is "crossing the line" but we call it free speech. Join animal activists as we exercise our first amendment right by conducting more home vigils.

Friday, October 20
1. Meet at The Bridge (511 W. 200 S.) at 12:00 PM
AALAS may have left town... but we haven't! And neither have all the vivisectors or all the animals trapped inside Utah labs. Join us for an 'afternoon delight' as we target U of U animal researchers for a few more days.

2. Meet at The Bridge (511 W. 200 S.) at 6:00 PM
More home vigils.

Saturday, October 21
1. Meet at The Bridge (511 W. 200 S.) at 12:00 PM
The key is to always search for their Achilles' heel... and we've found some for the U of U vivisectors. Join us for more antivivisection activism.

2. Meet at The Bridge (511 W. 200 S.) at 6:00 PM
More home vigils.

Sunday, October 22
1. Lunch at Sage's at 12:00 PM
Join other activists in dining and discussing the week of action and the future of animal rights in Utah.

2. Meet at The Bridge (511 W. 200 S.) at 6:00 PM
More home vigils (of course).

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