Product Testing - Death for Profit

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Product Testing - Death for Profit

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What is product testing?

Product testing is the use of animals in tests to determine the relative toxicity of the chemicals that constitute the consumer products that are used in our homes every day. Dish detergent, laundry soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, oven cleaner, etc. are often the result of barbaric tests that poison, burn, and torture hundreds of thousands of animals every year.

Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, and other animals are used in cruel tests that subject them to high levels of caustic chemicals.
What kinds of tests are performed?

Several kinds of tests are performed for consumer products. Three of the most common tests are eye irritancy, skin irritancy, and oral toxicity — all which cause severe suffering for the unanaesthetized animals who are victimized in these crude and outdated tests.

Eye irritancy testing is when liquefied chemicals are forced into the eyes of fully conscious rabbits. No pain relievers or anesthetics of any kind are used. Rabbits struggle in the devices that tightly restrain them. The extreme pain often causes them to struggle so severely that they break their own backs. Dying in agony for the sake of “whiter whites” and “sparkling dishes”.

Skin irritancy testing places those same corrosive chemicals onto the shaved and/or raw skin of animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. The caustic nature of these substances causes severe injuries to the animals. Gaping wounds and profuse bleeding are common.

Oral toxicity testing force-feeds strong chemicals to fully conscious animals, usually rats or mice—two of the species excluded from any protection whatsoever by the Animal Welfare Act. The desired endpoint of these studies is often death.

Many Companies STILL Torture Animals

Despite all the advances in technology many major companies simply refuse to change. Whether it is stubbornness, bureaucratic inertia, or vested interest, the fact remains that when you buy products from one of these companies you are supporting the needless suffering and death of millions of animals.

Will your consumer dollars become blood money? If you want to avoid advocating suffering and death, refuse to buy products from companies that test on animals either directly or indirectly, and tell them why!

Just a few of those companies and some of their familiar brands are:

  • Church and Dwight, 800-524-1328 – Arm & Hammer, Nair, OxiClean
  • Clorox, 800-227-1860 – Green Works, Liquid-Plumr, Pine-Sol, SOS, Tilex
  • Colgate-Palmolive, 800-468-6502 – Ajax, Afta, Murphy Oil Soap
  • Henkel, 314-382-8535 – Borateem, Dial, Purex, Renuzit
  • Johnson & Johnson, 800-526-3967 – Aveeno, Band-Aid, Listerine, Reach
  • Kimberly-Clark, 888-525-8388 – Cottonelle, Huggies, Kleenex, Kotex
  • L’Oreal, 877-456-5308 – Garnier, Maybelline, Polo, Ralph Lauren
  • Proctor & Gamble, 800-543-1745 – Crest, Dawn, Ivory, Olay, Tide
  • Reckitt Benckiser, 800-228-4722 – d-Con, Jet Dry, Lysol, Woolite
  • SC Johnson, 800-494-4855 – Drano, Glade, Pledge, Raid, Windex
  • Unilever, 800-298-5018 – Dove, Noxema, Pond’s, Q-tips, Suave, Vaseline

Remember, many retailers and animal groups promote their own ‘cruelty-free’ schemes. However, the companies approved by them have often done no more than issue a convincing—and sometimes misleading—policy statement on animal testing.

Alternatives to Animal Testing

Neither the U.S. FDA nor the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requires animal testing for cosmetics or household products! Accurate and sufficient safety data exists as well as modern technology that provides us with many reliable alternatives to make animal testing for these products obsolete – including cell and tissue cultures, sophisticated computer and mathematical models, and in vitro alternatives.

Actually, hundreds of companies verifiably produce cosmetics, personal care products, and cleaning products without torturing or killing animals for testing. To be sure that your choices are truly animal test-free in every stage of production, visit for more information and a complimentary Shopping Guide.

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