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Stop Animal Exploitation NOW!
S. A. E. N.
"Exposing the truth to wipe out animal experimentation"

Financial Information

SAENís Annual Report for 2001

We have long believed that SAEN is a bargain as far as national animal rights organizations are concerned. The entire annual budget of Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! is less the annual salary of many of the executive directors for large organizations within the animal rights movement.

In other words, for less than the salary that is paid to one person by other groups, SAEN conducts national campaigns that resulted in over 13 stories in major media markets across the U.S. in 2001.

We are very conservative with the money that is donated to SAEN. No SAEN employees have expense accounts. During 2001 each of our two full-time staff received less than $9000 each in salary.

Your contributions pay for the materials needed for protests and news conferences, travel expenses, investigations, and other expenses that are necessary in the fight to end the suffering of animals in laboratories. We also help to defray the expenses of grassroots organizations. No one at SAEN will ever get rich from your donations. We are here to fight for the animals, not to pad our portfolios.

The bottom line is that your contribution to SAEN works harder and accomplishes more than at many other organizations.

As you decide which organization to support, keep these questions in mind:

Does the Executive Director make over $50,000? SAENís Executive Director was paid less than $9000 during 2001.

Does the organization spend hundreds of thousands on office space? SAENís office space is donated by staff.

Does the organization use professional fundraisers? SAEN does NOT use professional fundraisers.

We believe very strongly that if you truly want to make a donation that benefits the animals, then you should make SAEN one of the organizations that you support on a regular basis.


$37,451.83 Campaigns (90.1%)
2,802.31 Administration (6.8%)
1,306.42 Fundraising (3.1%)
$41,560.56 Total (100.0%)


We welcome your comments and questions

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