Photos Of Alleged Primate Abuse Spark Protest

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Photos Of Alleged Primate Abuse Spark Protest

Sep 7, 2010 - Reporting Sharrie Williams

MIAMI (CBS4) - An Ohio-based animal rights group held a major protest Tuesday in Doral against Primate Products after graphic photos were leaked of alleged primate abuse at the facility.

Stop Animal Exploitation Now!, or SAEN, filed a federal complaint against Primate Products alleging inadequate veterinary care, inadequate supervision of animal experimentation, inadequate environmental enhancement and insufficient environmental enhancement.

The graphic photos showed dead primates, some missing hair, some with wounds on their back, and some with parts of the skull missing and brains exposed. The photos were obtained by the "Animal Liberation Investigation Unit."

"The photographs that have been recently leaked from this facility, we believe, clearly indicate violations of federal law and we filed an official complaint with the USDA over these violations," said Michael Budkie of SAEN.

Primate Products, Inc. says it's the world's "leading developer and distributor of enrichment devices, handling equipment, quality housing systems, and many other services designed specifically for nonhuman primates."

"This whole thing is a sham," said Don Anthony of ARFF at the protest. "It's a money-making sham. The people in this building who ship animals and who store animals make money. The people who make the animal testing equipment and the restraining devices make money. It's a sham. It's unethical."

Some protesters appeared with their faces covered during Tuesday's protest that ran for a few hours Tuesday.

Federal officials plan to inspect Primate Products, but SAEN said that "the USDA has a history of taking insufficient enforcement actions," according to Michael Budkie, Executive Director of SAEN..

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