Group claims monkey abuse at MPI Research facility takes 'allegations seriously'

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Group claims monkey abuse at MPI Research facility takes 'allegations seriously'

MATTAWAN, Mich. (WOOD) - What an advocacy group says are leaked company documents show that 15 research monkeys suffered fractures in 2008 and 2009 at MPI Research in Mattawan.

The Ohio-based group, Stop Animal Exploitation Now , told 24 Hour News 8 they got the documents from a company whistleblower and released them now.

One document, titled Animal Fracture Database, indicate the monkeys suffered broken limbs and some dislocated hips. Seven of the monkeys were euthanized and the rest were treated, including one that underwent surgery.

Some of the incidents resulted from unknown causes, according to the database, but at least two happened while handlers were trying to grab them.

Another document called an Animal Welfare Concern Report apparently filled out by an employee in 2004 discussed a non-human primate with a possibly broken arm and listed seven other primate injuries or accidents in that year.

It also reported "ongoing incidents of lacerated fingers, toes and tails that occur during the removal of animals from their home cages for study functions."

The report said "the rate and severities of said injuries seem to be increasing as the workloads and hours of staff assigned to these areas increase."

Another such welfare concern report from 2005 reports that eight beagles were given access ports in the wrong location and had to undergo "unnecessary repair surgeries."

The group said that shows a pattern of negligence at the research lab, and has filed complaints asking for a new federal investigation of MPI and a request for an Agriculture Department Inspector General probe of the government's response to a complaint from 2007.

The USDA regulates animal welfare in research facilities.

An MPI spokesperson said MPI "takes these allegations very seriously" and took several actions including "a comprehensive internal investigation" that "found our activities met or exceeded all federal and international standards for best practice animal care."

It said that it has contacted USDA inspectors about the SAEN allegations and has invited them for a return visit.

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