Group alleges harm to animals by MPI Research

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Group alleges harm to animals by MPI Research

MATTAWAN, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A national research watchdog group held a news conference on Tuesday where they produced documents showing potential violations of the animal welfare act by MPI Research.

The group collected the records between 2004 and 2009. They show various injuries to research animals, including broken bones, severed toes, dislocation of limbs and even death.

The group, Stop Animal Exploitation, is now filing an official complaint with the USDA.

Newschannel 3 contacted MPI on Tuesday. A spokesperson says the company is taking the allegations very seriously, saying;

“MPI Research takes these allegations very seriously, and we heard from you, a multidisciplinary team, led by our Director of Research, Tina Rogers, Phd, MBA, DABT, immediately took several actions:

We launched a comprehensive internal investigation of SAEN’s allegations, and found that our activities met or exceeded all federal and international standards for best practice animal care. It’s also important to note that all studies that we conduct are continually audited by the appropriate regulatory agencies as well as by our own customers. We confirmed that the photo SAEN distributed is from an outdated training video that is several years old.

Although USDA has inspected our facilities and practices many times in the past, our attending veterinarian has already contacted them about these allegations and has invited them for a return visit if deemed necessary.

We identified the three Sponsors (customers) mentioned in the materials SAEN distributed.

We’ve conducted no studies for one of the companies mentioned, and for the other two, there has been no incidence of fractures.

Guiding our effort to bring better, safer medical products to the world is our commitment to the highest possible standards of animal welfare, and at MPI Research, that means more than a clean, safe environment and good nutrition. It means that the animals are provided the best care possible, and our qualified veterinarians as well as our highly trained veterinary technical staff are engaged at all times.”

MPI also has invited the USDA to investigate its facilities.

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