Organization Files Complaint Against Alice Primate Lab

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Please contact Dr. Gibbens and demand that he take immediate action against SNBL laboratories for the deaths of primates due to tuberculosis and polio.

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Organization Files Complaint Against Alice Primate Lab

By Melissa Schroeder,, Tuesday,  April 24, 2012e

A watchdog group wants answers after the deaths of three primates at a lab in Alice.

Members of "Stop Animal Exploitation Now" have filed complaints with the Federal Department of Agriculture and other agencies trying to get an investigation of the lab which is called SNBL.
According to the complaint, two primates died from tuberculosis and another died from a form of polio.

The primates infected were pigtail macaque.

The complaint states, "We are concerned this facility violated the Animal Welfare Act and endangered public health."

The organization -- Stop Animal Exploitation Now -- also sent 6 News copies of the necropsy reports which confirm how the animals died.

Michael Budkie -- S.A.E.N.'s Executive Director -- said, "Since tuberculosis is contagious to humans, we're concerned for the safety of the people in Alice, Texas and across the U.S."
We also reached an SNBL representative.

David Keim told us they received the three primates from Indonesia in 2010.

He says they were infected with tuberculosis and polio before they reached the Alice lab.
He said, "It was actually our testing at the lab when we diagnosed the cases and then we took steps to make sure it was controlled and reported to the authorities."

SNBL also said the primates never came in contact with other animals at the facility and employees take several precautions to stay protected.

6 News contacted the USDA to see if it plans to investigate the complaints, but we have not received an answer yet.

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