Local company warned after death of 24 animals

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Local company warned after death of 24 animals

By Adam Kiefaber, News.Cincinnati.com, 24 June 2013

 An inspection report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture showed that a Cincinnati metalworking fluid manufacturer was responsible for the death of 24 guinea pigs, which were restrained and partially submerged in fluid.

According to the six-page inspection report dated May 16, 2013, the animals died or were euthanized during experimental testing by Cimcool Industrial Products, 3000 Disney St.

Stemming from the inspection report, Cimcool was issued an “official warning” letter from the USDA on July 26.

Michael Budkie, co-founder and executive director of the Milford-based Stop Animal Exploitation Now, calls the official warning "a slap on the wrist."

"Incidents, which comprised six pages of violations and killed 24 animals in experiments, are entirely unnecessary and deserve much more than the 'official warning,'" Budkie said. "This is clearly a miscarriage of justice."

The warning letter suggests that the death of the animals was a result that Cimcool’s "observational interval period was insufficient."

“Anytime an animal goes under for research, the animals are supposed to be monitored for signs of pain and distress," said Tanya Espinosa, public affairs specialist with the USDA. "It appears that the time frame that they allotted for observation - because of the death of the animals - was insufficient."

Espinosa said that warning letter is the first step in enforcing violations to the Animal Welfare Act. More violations could result in fines or license suspension.

"We consider all violations to be significant, but because an animal dies doesn't mean that it was in violation of the Animal Welfare Act," Espinosa said. “What the warning letter means is that we will be keeping a closer eye on them.” 

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