New animal mistreatment claims leveled at Cimcool

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Please contact the Director of the USDA’s Eastern Regional Office to insist that she take immediate action against the Cimcool corporation (Cincinnati, OH) for continuing violations which have caused severe pain and suffering to guinea pigs. The USDA MUST issue a fine!

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New animal mistreatment claims leveled at Cimcool

By Amber Hunt,, Wednesday, December 18, 2013

An Oakley company previously warned about the deaths of 24 guinea pigs during experimental testing is the target of a new complaint alleging ongoing animal mistreatment.

Stop Animal Exploitation Now, a Milford-based research watchdog group, filed a complaint Tuesday with the U.S. Department of Agriculture against Cimcool Industrial Products, a metalworking fluid manufacturer. Among the allegations: Cimcool provided inadequate veterinary care, unqualified personnel and inadequate sanitation. The company, a division of Oakley-based Milacron, also is accused of violating study protocol established by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.

The animal rights group claimed in its complaint that recent Cimcool failings are more egregious than those that prompted the USDA to issue a warning in July. “When you see animals being neglected to the point where they’re being self-destructive, meaningful action needs to be taken,” said Michael Budkie, an animal health technician who is the group’s executive director.

Vikki Garrett, a Cimcool spokeswoman, said the allegations were outdated. “We’ve had two more inspections since the (July) warning letter and everything was fine,” she said. She referred further questions to engineering and development manager Greg Foltz, who she said was in a meeting.

Budkie, though, pointed to an Aug. 19 inspection report from the USDA that highlighted six violations. One described three guinea pigs undergoing a skin corrosivity test “shaking with their limbs trembling” while lying on unpadded wire racks hours after the testing began.

Another guinea pig’s ear was “so irritated that the animal ripped out an ear tag,” Budkie wrote.

He said the warning to Cimcool apparently didn’t work. “With serious violations – issues relevant to the conditions of the animals – it’s much more appropriate to see a more meaningful enforcement action taken,” he said.

The Animal Welfare Act allows the USDA to take two approaches: a warning letter or a fine of up to $10,000 per offense. In his complaint, Budkie asks the agency to “take the most severe action allowable” – up to a $60,000 fine.

The USDA’s earlier warning stemmed from a six-page inspection report dated May 16 that detailed the deaths of two dozen guinea pigs during experimental testing. The animals were restrained and partially submerged in fluid, according to the report. 

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