OHSU cited for abuse of 22 research monkeys

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Please contact Dr. Robert Gibbens to thank the USDA for citing Oregon Health and Science University & insist they finish the job and issue a major fine for the negligence which killed 7 primates and injured 15 others.

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OHSU cited for abuse of 22 research monkeys

By KOIN6 News Staff, Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Portland lab that houses more than 5,000 research animals is under fire.

U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors cited Oregon Health and Science University for the deaths and injuries of 22 primates. READ the USDA Inspection Report.

Animal rights watchdog Stop Animal Exploitation Now! (SAEN) filed the complaint against OHSU for violations against research animals at Oregon National Primate Research Center, drawing citations that could cost the university up to $10,000 per animal.

The complaint was filed after a July 2013 construction project severely stressed the monkeys, causing them to fight, sending 21 to a veterinary hospital. As a result, six died from their injuries or were euthanized, SAEN said in a statement.

“The Oregon Health and Science University has again demonstrated a clear pattern of incompetence that has killed multiple primates and potentially caused severe suffering to others,” said Michael A. Budkie, A.H.T., Executive Director, SAEN.

“This incompetent lab deserves the maximum penalty allowable under the law.”

In another case, a monkey died of respiratory collapse when staff failed to open a valve on an anesthetic machine during surgery.

The three-page report cites OHSU for multiple cases of inadequate veterinary care, along with inadequate housing.

According to the report, more than half of the primates in the center suffered significant hair loss.

In February 2013, OHSU released a statement to clarify the deaths of 10 primates since 2012. One monkey died after eating incorrectly processed “monkey chow” in July 2012. Three others were killed while being transferred.

OHSU paid a $11,679 fine in 2012 for multiple primate deaths and injuries, SAEN said.

“USDA inspection clearly demonstrates OHSU violated the animal welfare act,” said Budkie.

In a statement, OHSU spokesperson Todd Murphy said the inspection was a routine, unannounced USDA protocol. Murphy claims monkeys in OHSU’s care live twice as long as their counterparts in the wild.

In regards to allegations of poor living conditions, Murphy said ONPRC staff change the monkey’s straw bedding is changed every two weeks, but a wet spring made it muddy.  

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