KUMC denies accusations of abusing, killing animals and cover-ups
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Dr. Robert D. Simari, Executive Vice Chancellor
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Please permanently ban all staff connected to Protocol 2015-2248 from ever working with animals again. The negligence necessary to set a mouse on fire, cause another to die of "massive hemorrhage," while a third never recovered from surgery is unconscionable. This gross negligence MUST NOT be tolerated and should be punished.


KUMC denies accusations of abusing, killing animals and cover-ups
From WIBW.com, February 1, 2018

An Ohio-based anti-animal experimentation group is accusing the University of Kansas Medical Center of killing dozens of research animals and engaging in a massive cover-up to hide violations from federal regulators.

The audit by Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! (SAEN) alleges staff at the medical research facility reported 23 incidents between May 2015 and March 2017 that ran afoul of federal regulations. They say the incidents of abused animals included rabbits, rats, mice, and a gerbil. SAEN says dozens of those animals died in the experiments, including a mouse that was set on fire.

SAEN claims KUMC has only passed along four of those reports to federal regulators, as is required by law.

KUMC spokesperson Natalie Lutz told 13 NEWS the Kansas City-based campus "maintains a stringent oversight process that includes notifying animal welfare governing bodies of specific incidents regarding the use of animals in research."

"KU Medical Center is in regular contact with these oversight entities, and remains committed to the conduct of animal research in an ethical and responsible manner, she continued.

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