Animal rights group criticizes IU for lab animal deaths
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Dr. Jay L. Hess, Dean,
Indiana University School of Medicine
email: [email protected]

Dean Hess,

Indiana University School of Medicine negligence has killed over 116 animals due to starvation/dehydration, drowning, suffocation, botched medical procedures, etc. In addition to these deaths, there were multiple incidents in which animals were denied adequate pain relief. euthanized improperly using cervical dislocation without anesthesia, severely dehydrated, etc. This carelessness must not be tolerated. You must launch an internal investigation of all Indiana University School of Medicine animal experimentation and terminate all responsible lab staff.


Animal rights group criticizes IU for lab animal deaths
By, May 17, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An Ohio-based animal rights group is calling on the Indiana University School of Medicine to fire staffers who allegedly violated laboratory protocol, leading to the deaths of more than 100 lab animals.

Stop Animal Exploitation NOW! also wants an independent investigation into the deaths of 116 rats and mice.

The group filed a public records request for correspondence from IU to the National Institute of Health’s Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare during an 18-month period. The documents detailed mistakes including starving mice, performing procedures without pain control and faulty equipment.

IU officials say all incidents were self-reported and that the university is dedicated to taking corrective action when needed. The university says it complies with all of the health institute’s rules and has received two clean reports during recent external site reviews.

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