Animal Advocacy Group Calls for UMASS Probe
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Dr. Michael F. Collins, Chancellor
[email protected]

Dr. Collins,

University of Massachusetts Medical School negligence has killed over 30 animals. Additionally, conscious animals were decapitated and living animals were found in a carcass freezer. Multiple animals were denied adequate pain relief, while others were used in unapproved procedures. This carelessness must not be tolerated. You must launch an internal investigation of all University of Massachusetts, Medical School, animal experimentation and terminate all responsible lab staff.


Animal Advocacy Group Calls for UMASS Probe
From, June 5, 2018

An animal animal advocacy group is calling for the University of Massachusetts medical school to investigate the treatment of its lab Animals according to the Telegram. Stop Animal Exploitation NOW wants the staff responsible for the negligent deaths of 30 fish, mice, and rats to be fired. The Ohio-based groups says it reviews lab practices for every registered research facility in the United States and sent a letter to the school's Chancellor last week outlining those concerns. A University of Massachusetts Medical School spokesperson says the humane treatment of animals in research is near and dear to the school's mission and that the group is an activist group which is sensationalizing the school's research.

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