Nonprofit calls WVU on allegedly killing and abusing hundreds of animals
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E. Gordon Gee, President
West Virginia University
[email protected]

President Gee,

West Virginia University negligence has killed over 140 animals and abused over 200 others.

WVU negligence killed animals through lack of veterinary care, animal attack, drug overdose, overheating, or failure to control environmental conditions. Animals were abused in many ways: over 70 animals were given unapproved drugs, and over 60 animals did not receive required pain relief. You must launch an internal investigation of all West Virginia University animal experimentation and terminate all responsible lab staff.


Nonprofit calls WVU on allegedly killing and abusing hundreds of animals
From, June 6, 2018

MORGANTOWN, W. Va. (WDTV) - Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN), a nonprofit watchdog group sent a letter to officials at West Virginia University on Tuesday regarding alleged incidents of negligence within the school's animal experimentation program.

According to the letter, it detailed multiple instances over the span of several years. It stated that some research protocols were not followed resulting in the deaths of animals.

The nonprofit called on the university for an independent investigation. However, officials at the university say they have a committee to oversee this and hired a private inspector.

"We're very serious about this and we know that the ability to use animals in research is a privilege we have and we want to make sure we're responsible and executing our duties with that," said Dr. Fred King, VP of research at WVU.

"We want an independent investigation of system-wide failures in animal care and negligence," said Michael Budkie, co-founder of SAEN.

The organization says they haven't received a response from the university.

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